by gabimulder

Lydia Kirwood was one of the first models I ever photographed. We were about eighteen years old when we first met and did a (slightly (*very) horrendous) photo shoot on a baseball field. Lydia was wearing some kind of varsity shirt and drinking grape Fanta from a can. I remember as I was editing, I thought it would be a cute idea to put the colour saturation up so incredibly high in the photos, that it looked like the green grass had been taken to by an over excited toddler with a highlighter. If you just shuddered at the thought of this shoot, it’s totally okay and I completely understand.
However, thankfully I like to think our taste has evolved considerably over the past three years.

Our time together now is very sporadic and often many months go by before we cross paths again. Thankfully these paths crossed over a week or so ago when I received a message at about 7pm on a Wednesday night asking “Hey! I’m coming to Byron tomorrow. Let’s get breakfast?”, as so we did.
As we sat eating overpriced granola (like every other heinous millenial does), Lydia popped the idea of reliving old times and doing another shoot together.
We wanted to do something simple and earthy.
And so the following afternoon we headed to an empty beach about 20 minutes out of town and spent the hour before the sunset shooting this series.

☼ I hope you enjoy ☼

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Lydia Kirwood photographed by Gabi Mulder.

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